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The Most Love Calls From Drama Studios Looking To Cast IVE’s Wonyoung Are Apparently Coming From Other Stars

According to reports, IVE’s Wonyoung is the top celebrity getting calls from drama projects asking to cast her.

Wonyoung of IVE continues to draw a lot of attention among the numerous celebrities active in a variety of industries, such as singing, acting, and entertainment, thanks to her unmatched beauty and brilliance. According to a recent JTBC News report, drama productions are most interested in casting Wonyoung as their top lead. Despite the fact that Wonyoung lacks acting experience, many members of the drama production team said they were willing to cast her anyhow. Wonyoung, a well-known female idol, is well-liked by young people in their 20s and among teenagers as the face of the “MZ generation.” Wonyoung is allegedly getting love calls from numerous drama projects as a result.

A drama team representative said, “The telecoms firm that helped turn [AOA’s] Seolhyun into the icon she is today currently uses Wonyoung as its major brand ambassador. This is encouraging for Wonyoung’s potential to be a celebrity and a change agent.” Wonyoung, who stands at a towering height of 173 cm, has won a lot of admiration for her fit figure and Barbie doll looks despite still being a young girl. In addition to her idol activities, Wonyoung is currently the brand model for a number of fashion and beauty businesses because of her deer-like eyes, petite face, and slim body.

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