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“The Pelvic Is Really Crazy” Knetizens Are Shocked With Jisoo’s Body

Knetz are surprised seeing Jisoo’s Body structure most especially her waist/pelvic…. it is really crazy


I was surprised to see it on Instagram and captured it.
Her body is so pretty.

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Your body is somehow pretty

2. Among BLACKPINK, Jisoo has the best body and has a good pelvis structure.

3. The pelvis is really crazy.

4. I was surprised to see the right side of Jisoo. Why was it taken like that?

5. You see that pelvis and you hear a squeaky noise? LOL

6. Waist~pelvis line is crazy, really cute…

7. Jisoo is even prettier because her skeleton doesn’t stand out too much.

8. Jisoo has a nice body ㅋㅋ It’s buried on her face, but her pelvis and thigh lines are really pretty

9. There’s no such thing as a pretty face and a nice body… How perfect is Jisoo?

10. Originally, she had the prettiest face and body, but BLACKPINK is such a female super fandom, so she put a crown on Jennie lol.


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