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“The Personality Is Similar” Doesn’t BLACKPINK Rosé And NEWJEANS Danielle Have Same Vibes?, Knetz Respond

Knetizens are responding to the questions asked if Rosé and Danielle have the similar vibes?. Many said they are really similar in personality, they are both kind.

Both are really kind… And has the gentle vibe… They have a soft aura… And they’re girlish

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Not at all..? When I see Danielle, I only think of a certain actor

2. First of all , I love the two of them.. I feel relaxed

3. Personality is similar

4. Not only looks, but personality and behavior

5. The way they talk is similar.. Its unique soft and fluffy feeling

6. The tone is similar

7. The way they speak and the atmosphere they give off are similar, so they feel like they have similar personalities. Anyway, they both look so good and kind.

8. Yeah I think Rosé is prettier

9. Both of them are very sweet and have a cuteness that smells like a cozy fabric softener

10. Not a face, but a personality


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