The Route Sasaeng Fans Gain Information About Idols, Knetz Discuss

The reason why sasaengs, who are a nuisance not only for artists and staff, but also for the same fans, can follow their private schedules It would be nice if the Personal Information Leakage and Stalker Act were strengthened

K-Netizens Reactions :

1. It’s really disgusting me, so I don’t even get my doll’s raw car anymore. All the things that open it will follow me like that. And if you’re a loser, you say you don’t use homemas pictures. Fuck you. It’s like yelling and screaming, but it’s fucking fucking stupid.

2. These days, the entertainment media posted an immigration live notice on YouTube 8 hours ago at this time, and when you see it, you know what time you are going and coming. Even the kids who didn’t know can see it and can make analogies. Still, because of the corona, there are fewer flights, but these days, there are more phone calls than Homma and it’s more of a problem.

3. Fans and chasing concert halls are limited fandom
4. Seeing something like that can only make idols hateful. Real stalkers should be punished by the law…

5. I used to work for a really small agency, but on the plane, I followed all of the Korean sasaengs and Japanese sasaengs, following them from the duty-free area, taking pictures, and getting on the plane, so they were all sasaengs, so I pushed all the members to the window and the staff next to me swapped seats and somehow dropped them. Tom…. I think I’m going crazy too, but I think celebrities with a lot of sasaeng are going crazy..

6. Sasaeng is not a fan, he is a criminal.. There are sasaeng criminals but no sasaeng fans

7. Do people like that think that it’s okay for a stalker to follow you all day in the cinema even if someone deliberately sits next to you?

8. My idol’s homemates are also sarcastic haha When they curse at the famous sasaeng, they pretend to meet each other every time they go together haha The private schedule is the default ㅋㅋ They are rude to the stones, but the maids don’t know that and suck their ass ㅠㅠ

9. The law is too harmful to criminals, and selling the airport staff is to get money in a personal account? Shouldn’t I be especially grateful?

10. Let’s not keep adding fans to sasaeng, because he’s not a fan, he’s just sasaeng stalker


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