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The Sight Of Seoul 3 Days Before Jungkook’s Birthday ft. Gag Man Kim Yong Myung [Knetizens]

Seriously Jungkook is plastered everywhere in Seoul to the point it’s scary No but all the LED boards I’ve seen are about Jungkook..”

Jungkook’s birthday ad that will be displayed at Gangnam station from today. I waited to see how pretty it’d look like and came back several times to look at it. There are 3 birthday ads on Gangnam streets for Jungkook’s birthday, thank you for all the cool supports

Jungkookie’s birthday video shining bright at Itaewon. It’s too pretty. Our Jungkookie’s cool and pretty looks with the clouds and the night. I only spent a little time looking at the video but I was happy. Thank you for the video ad.”

wanted to to walk in this street of Hongdae. Jungkookie’s magic shop is so pretty”

Are there people who are worried about not seeing a Jungkook ad at Seoul? Don’t worry~~ He even appears in the subway. Seoul is already filled with Jungkook

“Please give a lot of interest and birthday wishes on September 1st

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Even if many of the advertisements haven’t yet gone up and there are still a few days remaining, it already appears that way.

2. I must stroll around Hybe

3. When September 1st comes around, everyone in the ARMY is so happy. The season of member birthdays begins when Jungkook’s birthday occurs.

4. There are additionally more than 300 birthday cafes. It’s absurd.

5. However, even if you go outside and it’s not in Seoul, you’ll eventually run into Jungkook

Seriously, he’s all over the place.

7. The audience must experience it as a festival.

8. Happy birthday, Jungkook

9. Wow, a festival has begun! I’m hoping Jungkook will notice them

10. The weight is absurd.


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