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“The Sound Is Really Nice” Knetz React To 2022 IU Concert ‘Eight’ Live Clip

Knetizens got goosebumps with ‘Eight’ 2022 IU concert, live clip…..

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Crazy As expected, the official video is the best

2. The first time I went to the concert, I got goosebumps from the opening, but seeing the video again gives me goosebumps

3. No, crazy… I didn’t cry, but after watching the video, I’m crying now.

4. It’s really cool to see an unaccompanied opening in that big space… Although small, IU is the biggest on stage

5. Competition for next year’s concert is going to be even tighter

6. I really like it, I really want to buy a blazer

7. goddess? angel? anything suits you

8. Wow, i get goosebumps when she change clothes

9. It’s creepy to start with no accompaniment ㅠㅠ The volume is crazy

10. Wow the sound is really nice