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The source of the leaked BTS V and Jennie images said out: neither YG nor HYBE approached me nor arrested me.

BTS V and BLACKPINK Jennie were not sued, according to Gurumi Haribo, who is infamous for supposedly sharing relationship images of the two members of BTS.

YG Entertainment previously declared on October 3rd that they would be filing a complaint against the person who circulated private images of BLACKPINK Jennie. In addition, the agency vowed to take severe legal action against slander and the dissemination of false information.
Gurumi Haribo, who frequently posts images of BTS V, BLACKPINK Jennie, and other members of BLACKPINK, asserted that neither of them had been warned nor detained.

In instance, Gurumi Haribo sent the following message on their Telegram group chat on October 11th:

“Hello everyone, just to answer the questions many people asked me recently:

⁃ I am not arrested and I am not in jail.

⁃ YG Entertainment, HYBE and/or the police in South Korea did NOT contact me.

⁃ YG launched an investigation on behalf of Jennie to find out who circulated her personal pictures

⁃ YG did not respond to many news outlets asking which pictures are meant and what that means for Jennie and Taehyung – still not directly denied or confirmed.

⁃ General public reports/believes the Jennie and Taehyung pictures are real.

⁃ I will not post JeJu pictures until there is an update on the police investigation.

⁃ The last time I know Jennie and Taehyung were together was in New York during the VMAs. I don’t know what happened after.

⁃ Nobody who supports the relationship and uses the pictures will get sued.

⁃ Only people in South Korea that mentioned things like cheating, home-wrecking and other rumors may get in trouble

So, I do not know anything more than that.”

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