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The Transmission Of Halloween In Korea May End Forever.

The broadcasting sector in Korea may never again use the word “Halloween.”

A special “Halloween” program and other festivities are arranged by television firms every year for viewers. But this year, because of the Itaewon tragedy that happened over the weekend, all Halloween-related programs and episodes have been canceled.

Any Halloween-related episodes or scenes with the cast dressed up have already started to be edited out for broadcast and VOD services. The “Hong Kim Dong Jeon” episode that broadcast on October 23 has been removed from VOD services, where fans could watch previous episodes again.

‘2 Days and 1 Night,’ a well-liked KBS 2TV entertainment program, likewise made the decision to cut out part of the Halloween-related material. Before airing, the program made the decision to cut out the previously recorded Halloween idea parts. The replay of the Halloween-themed programs was also removed by “The Return of Superman.”

Radio programs and OTT programming are both included. On its home page, TVing removed the Halloween-themed content area that included emoticons of pumpkins and lanterns. The special section titled “You are the protagonist of Halloween” was also instantly erased by Watcha.

The pre-recorded recordings for the Halloween special episodes of radio shows have also been abandoned, and the radio networks are instead airing a special commemorative broadcast in their place. Park Myung Soo’s pre-recorded interview with KBS Radio Cool FM’s “Radio Show” was dropped in favor of a live broadcast because his comments and expressions were inappropriate for the time of grief.

K-pop management companies are also postponing Halloween-related activities. The live broadcast of “SMTOWN WONDERLAND 2022,” which was slated to begin at 6:15 PM on October 30, has been canceled by SM Entertainment.

All of the performances for the “Strike Music Festival,” which was advertised as “Fantasy Halloween” and ran from October 28 to 30, were canceled on October 30.

“It seems that Halloween-related programs, events, and shows will not be created or held in the Korean broadcasting and performance industries going forward, not only this year,” said one representative of the sector.

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