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The Wave Music, GWSN’s Label, Allegedly Closed Down And The Group Disbanded?

The Wave Music, GWSN’s label, has allegedly closed down, and the girl group has reportedly disbanded.

On October 21, netizens began debating a post titled “The agency that has nearly closed down, and the girl group discovered to be disbanded.” According to the original poster, producer ‘A’ stated that The Wave Music is no longer in business, writing, “In fact, it was similar to a paper company with only the agency’s name. It is no longer in operation. Members of the GWSN will now be able to transfer to other labels.”

‘A’ also claimed they were not paid properly for their production work on GWSN’s album. Last year, a post claimed that employees at an agency representing a girl group with multinational members were not being paid, leading to speculation that it was GWSN’s label.

Swin Lee, a producer, claimed in February that he was never paid for his work on GWSN’s album ‘The Other Side of the Moon.’

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