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‘The World Is My Oyster’ Trailer, LE SSERAFIM Documentary, Knetz React

Knetizens are discussing LE SSERAFIM Documentary trailer titled The World Is My Oyster. They are looking forward to it.

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Wow, that would be fun haha Where will it be released? I’m looking forward to this documentary, it’s so good

2. Even if I look again, the trailer is legendary

3. Wow I’m really looking forward to the documentary

4. I’m not even a Le Seraphim, so why do tears come to my eyes just looking at the preview… The kids are all working hard and being virulent.

5. To hear that there is a pre-debut pre-debut documentary coming out… I honestly thought I wouldn’t be able to watch this, but how did you do the editing

6. This is a real rice cake bombing level

7. Wow, that’s a bit embarrassing

8. Wow, this serious idol documentary is so good

9. Chaewon with long hair is prettier after a long time

10. Wow, it’s great that you deleted the members who left. It was like 5 people from the beginning


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