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‘Their Clothes Are Weird’ Knetz React To NewJeans Real Life Visual.

Knetizens are reacting to NewJeans real life photos, some like their look while some said awkward things about their clothes


These images seem quite lifelike, don’t they?

But I imagine they would sparkle much brighter if you saw them in person.

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Clothes are all weird… . they are still rookie, so something’s awkward hahaha

2. They all look like characters, they look like dolls

3. Wear clothes that are the best.. ㅜㅜ The kids are so pretty, but their clothes are wrong

4. Article photos are so pretty

5. It looks like elementary and middle school kids

6. They are cute like plump peaches🍑🍑

7. Wow, you are real babies

8. The proportions are good, so pretty

9. They are all really cute and very pretty

10. Minji and Hyein have completely opposite vibes, but they say Gaeji and Dani and Haerin are like dolls. Let me poke you in the cheeks just once


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