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“Their Face Combination Is Pretty” Knetz React To BLACKPINK Jisoo And Jung Hae-in’s Two-shot

Jisoo and Jung Hae-in’s two-shot was released and Knetizens are reacting

Looks like he went to BP”s concert today and Kim Hyeyoon, Jung Shinhye, Choi Heejin, Jung Yiseo were all there

So all of Snowdrop’s leads went??

Knetizens Reactions:

1. It was a good drama, I feel bad that they were harmed because of the bandwagon

2. Snowdrop is the best
3. This time, 10 actors from Snowdrop came. The director, the producer, the executive photographer went. Snowdrop’s team is for real. They even made their own banners on the picture

4. It’s always nice to see people cherish their past relationships

5. What a precious relationship
6. The group shot looks like a family picture
7. He need to stop smoking

8. A drama that did not see the light of thanks to people who are well incited A drama where Jisoo and the actors are more intimate than the controversy, where are the people who treated them as Ilbe now?

9. Jisoo and Sandara Park look so alike, they are both so good

10. Jisoo Jung Hae-in’s face combination is so pretty . I love Jisoo


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