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“Their Vibes Are All Different” Knetz Wonder How Min Hee-Jin Gathered NewJeans Girls

Because of how pretty the NewJeans girls are, Knetizens Wonder how Mrs Min Hee-Jin find the girls together….

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Minji and Hanni are seriously pretty

2. Seeing this, Hyein and Danielle are amazing

3. Who is the last member? She’s so pretty

4. How are they all so pretty?

5. Hanni is so pretty and cute

6. They are all different, but they are really pretty

7. The face combination is perfect, but everyone has a different look

8. Wow so pretty. How are all 5 of them so pretty?

9. Wow, look into Haerin’s eyes

10. Their vibes are all different, but they’re all so pretty

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