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[Theqoo] Gyopo Makeup Differs From Korean Makeup, Knetz React

Occasionally you can see it when you go to Itaewon.Very bouncy eyebrow
expression and color usage are different, and the skin expression is very different . It makes it matte, but.. The old fashions are also mixed, but they spread cheaply.

Knetizens Reactions:

1. It’s really looks like the makeup I did in the early 2000s.

2. What kind of player Yuna Kim owns so much keke Who would know that Yeonna is a Korean national?

3. Kids who have settled down in Korean or early study abroad Black eyeliner Under any circumstances, even the eyeliner is their own eye. They said that they would go out without clothes. Not even brown. Only black waterproof.

4. It looks like she put on makeup to look like a foreigner. Eyehole and clown.

5. Koreans these days don’t do that. Makeup is also fashionable, and the fashion varies from country to country, so when the fashion passes, you do something different.

6. Makeup that emphasized shading on the cheekbones and eye holes to give the impression of a Western skeleton that Asians don’t have

7. It’s not a mix of old fashions, but only old fashions, right?

8. I don’t know, but there are only very old photos.

9. No, I’m not doing this to give off a Western feel, it’s just that shading like that is popular in the United State hahahaha….well that I don’t know where to start or what to correct when people keep saying that Koreans wear makeup like that to imitate Westerners. I would be angry if Koreans said that the bright tone-up makeup that imitates white skin…

10. If you put on Korean makeup and apply blue eyeshadow in a foreign country, you will be insulted immediately.


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