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[Theqoo] The Value Of Your Head Shape

“A comparison of the back of your head’s filling before and after” I had no idea there could be surgery to alter the shape of your head. The field of plastic surgery is fascinating.
People with attractive head shapes make me jealous!

Knetizens Reactions:

1. The filler you put on your face spreads through all the tissues and moves in all directions, but you put that in the water. After a while, the filler seems to run down your neck.

2. I crazy about plastic surgery.. It’s not funny to make up a different kind of surgery.

3. It’s bizarre. Every time you ring your pillow for the rest of your life, will you tremble with anxiety?

4. The head can’t be covered with a haircut ㅜㅜ What are you putting in there..

5. Filler for hair skin???

6. I don’t know about the shape of the head, and head plastic surgery has been around for a long time. It wasn’t for cosmetic purposes, it was for people whose hair was distorted due to an accident, illness, or deformity.

7. The people who do it are crazy, but the doctors really have no conscience Can you take responsibility for that? money is everything

8. Why are you doing this ㅜㅜ It’s a hair implant for cosmetic purposes… terrible

9. What’s important, what’s the real plastic surgery manager

10. The back of the head is completely private, but with a layered cut and a thin lot. I put it in between and pumped it up to make it float, but someone in the back of the head pays close attention. That’s self-satisfaction.


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