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There Is A Problem With The Concert Tour “Street Man Fighter On The Stage”

The impending “Street Man Fighter on the Stage” concert tour, which begins in Seoul on November 5 and 6, has reportedly had trouble selling out its tickets, according to a number of media publications.

From November through December, the concert tour, which features the eight teams from Mnet’s dance crew survival series “Street Man Fighter,” will make stops in Seoul, Gangneung, Daejeon, Gwangju, Busan, Changwon, Incheon, and Suwon. On October 12, the first half of the tour’s tickets went on sale, and on October 13, the second half.

There are still plenty of seats available for the “Street Man Fighter” tour, unlike the concert tour for “Street Woman Fighter,” which took place after the end of the show last year and sold out almost a minute after tickets were on sale.

In Seoul, there are still 1,976 seats available for Day 1 and 2,506 for Day 2 as of October 19. Furthermore, it appears that many viewers may have preferred the online alternative over the live program as day 2 in Seoul will also be broadcast online via TVING. There are additional 1,000–2,000 seats left in a few other regions.

The event was moved to a location that was twice as big as the one that was used for the Seoul performance of “Street Woman Fighter,” which may have contributed to the weak ticket sales. On the other side, since its debut, “Street Man Fighter” has been the subject of various controversies, including one involving a contestant’s reportedly disrespectful representation of NewJeans’ “Hype Boy” and another involving the well-known “New Thing” choreography task.

Netizens responded with the following comments:

What sort of arrogance led them to believe they could double the attendance at a venue?
What a waste of a potentially wonderful performance space, I thought.
What a failure.
“The Seoul venue can accommodate 8,000 people. For them, the space is too enormous.”
“Karma bites you back if you make fun of others.”
“Oh, this hasn’t been cancelled yet? In all the other cities, there are literally a ton of open seats.”
Guess they can fill up those seats with all of their “respected” dancing friends.
“We are not interested in them at all.”
“Don’t act foolishly toward the populace. Nobody will go by if it isn’t worth going to.”
And to think that many were upset because they couldn’t attend the concerts for “Street Woman Fighter”
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