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“They Are Not Good At It” Knetizens Discuss About TWICE Members Vocal Skills

Knetizens are saying Twice are not improving on their skills since they debut..


TWICE’s vocal skills recently

I watched the video of their Japanese fan meeting and they were confident in their voices

Tzuyu and Sana have improved a lot
Nayeon’s high notes are amazing

Chaeyoung’s voice is so good

Their vocal skills have improved after the world tour

Knetizens Reactions:

1. It’s been a few years, but it’s only now that their skills have improved; it’s a shame

2. If You are either a rookie nor a trainee, but I want you to know that i am embarrassed or praised for saying that you have improved my singing.

3. I guess they don’t practice singing at all except for Nayeon, she’s still tone-deaf

4. How old is TWICE, but they say they’re good at it because they’ve improved their skills, and they say they can’t beat the other guys who did that from the beginning lol. I don’t know what’s good about a stuffy nose with no skills whatsoever.

5. What do you do when you’re old and grow up…. You’ve already been exposed to the public for all your incompetence due to the encore incident

6. It’s true, but they not good at it… How low is the standard for real idol live skills?

7. Whoops.. you’re trying so hard

8. While on a world tour, it seems like your skills are right.

9. I agree

10. They have a lot of stage experience, so it has no choice but to increase


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