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‘They Are Real’, Haechan And Ryujin Have An Article.. Knetz React

Knetizens are discussing the information reported by someone that NCT Haechan and ITZY Ryujin are involved…


It seems that someone reported it and the reporter mosaiced it. Wearing couple items, following personal tablet. I’m from Seongsu-dong of NCT’s dorm, and Ryujin as a doggie wore that shirt and did a V app..

Reported photo of Ryujin’s hat

The name of the recent Ryujin KakaoTalk Bae and Haechan bubble

Photo authentication of a resident of Seongsu-dong Lotte Castle. It is not possible to authenticate with just a photo, so he uploaded a photo of himself cuddling and re-uploaded. He said he saw Ryujin in the elevator.

Knetizens Reactions:

1. That’s a middle school photo that Ryujin sent me in the photo bubble, but I didn’t even know it and the clothes overlapped. Talking about rumours shows the real level…and I wonder if Ryujin would go around like that in broad daylight because he was crazy lol

2. Do you believe in a picture that doesn’t even have a face?

3. Articles from both agencies appear?

4. Haechan’s face isn’t great and he’s short, but why is Ryujin Haechan…

5. Haechan’s fans are working hard to suppress the tears, while Haechan is eating ramen with Ryujin in egg flowers.

6. To be honest, I thought it would be U, but I’m glad it wasn’t? Looking at the similarities between egg flowers and each other’s habitual language use, it doesn’t seem like it’s just a simple love affair.

7. NCT’s famous sasaeng said they broke up earlier this year, but will they meet again?

8. I know because I’ve dug up two groups, but they both have a good personality… If the female side is easygoing and good at humor and gags, then she is the type of person who has a crush on her, so I think the two of them will do well in Tiki Taka.

9. There are still a lot of fans who think that they are a couple made by Pan. A couple made by Pan is like Sowon Jeonghan, and they also tell you to turn on V and acknowledge that they are friends.

10. They’re real….why do they keep saying things out loud when they know they’re always talking?


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