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“They Are Working Hard” IVE Live Performance Shocked Knetizens

Knetz are reacting to live performance of girl idol group IVE….

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Ahn Yujin is really good at everything.. Iโ€™ve known Jang Wonyoung since her debut in IZ*ONE, sheโ€™s really improved a lot

2. I really like idols who sing live well

3. Looks like theyโ€™re all growing up, working hard and enjoying the stage, looking great

4. I love live performances.. I watched their videos and they were so good

5. Liz and Ahn Yujin have good vocals

6. Most idols lip-sync these days, so itโ€™s great to see them perform live!!

7. Liz? Is she the main vocalist? Sheโ€™s so good

8. Wonyoung has improved a lot, Yujin is so good

9. I went there yesterday with my friends and everyone said they were so good

10. I like IVE so much, I hope they will be more successful in the future


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