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‘They Look Good Together’ Red Velvet Irene And Exo Suho Dating, Knetz Gossip

There is a rumour going on among Knetizens that Red Velvet Irene and Exo Suho are dating, Knetz are reacting to the rumour…. See Knetizens Reactions below

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Ah , it’s a surprise, it was the day we had a K-pop festival in the UK. Red Velvet and Suho both appeared.

2. Aren’t they both 32 years old? If you’re a normal person, you’re old enough to get married, leave it alone

3. Even if the two aren’t dating, 32 is the age for dating..

4. They both look good together

5. Unmarried people or ordinary people in their early 30s or mid 30s at the latest is the time to get married…

6. I think it’s Choi Siwon… it’s a shame

7. It doesn’t matter if you don’t believe this, but I’ll write down what I’ve heard. Someone I know is a SM official. Irene and Suho have been together for a long time as trainees. Most of the SM officials know that they broke up during EXO’s debut, and it’s a bummer. He said it was good, but I didn’t believe it at first because he told me in advance that a person named Lucas would debut.

8. Whether we’re dating or not, leave the old people alone.

9. But they are so pretty and handsome

10. Suho Irene was strangling me, but Suho did a good job. We went to a concert together lol.


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