‘They look Similar’ Knetz Discuss Similarity Between IVE’s Teaser Photo And Gfriend’s Photo

K-Netizens react to IVE’s teaser and Gfriend photo

See K-Netizens Reactions:

1. There was an article in Tassa that was creepy, but Tina.

2. Don’t let anyone take pictures on the lawn, never lay face down, never do a calyx, please, never lay a mat, please

3. I went on an overseas trip and took pictures with my friends in that pose, but I didn’t even know there was such a thing hahahahah

4. It’s very common, but in that way, where and how should I take a picture? Should I take a picture of someone eating grass on the lawn?

5. These days, everything you do is similar. Did you follow it? Did you take note of it? Is it plagiarism?

6. It’s similar, but it’s not common either.

7. Aren’t many dogs lying on the lawn??

8. If you google it, you will find thousands of photos taken in that position…

9. Normally, if 12 out of 14 people including you say the same thing, 12 people are normal and 2 people are abnormal. Are you upset? And these days, it’s a gathering place for inti-fighting water repellents ㅜㅜ Recognize it well and play with it

10. Ivy is pretty


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