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“They Need Eunchae” LE SSERAFIM Did Well Adding Eunchae In The Group, Knetz Discuss

Because there’s quite an age gap between the maknae and the unnies, they all baby her. Eunchae herself is super bright and confident, she’s straight up a maknae. She’s also influencing the team’s atmosphere positively. The picture is so cute so I’m putting it here

Knetizens Reactions:

1. They definitely need Eunchae

2. She definitely fits the team’s atmosphere
3. For real, her image became even younger and brighter
4. Seeing the promotion this time, she’s really a good dancer. I was shocked to see how much force she has and her vocal tone is also charming. I’m looking forward to see how much she can improve in the future
5. She’s straight up a maknae and her Manchae nickname is perfect for her
6. Eunchae is god’s work… The baby is so pretty and talented
7. She’s seriously so confident and energetic, she’s also bright
8. The picture is too cute. She’s the epitome of brightness
9. She wasn’t in the debut unit? She was the last one added and if Le Sserafim’s project didn’t run that smoothly, there was a chance that she couldn’t make it to the debut unit

10. That’s true, I agree.. The picture is so cute


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