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“Thin Is More Stylish And Pretty” Nayeon’s Eyebrows Were Thick But Now Thinner, Knetz Notice

Knetizens are reacting to Nayeon’s Eyebrows that used to be thick but now getting thinner…

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Thin is more stylish and pretty

2. Nayeon, thin ones suit her better

3. Doesn’t eyebrow waxing hurt so much? Is it much more painful because it is thick?

4. I have a lot of hair and it hurts because I have thick hair ㅜㅜ I always do it and it turns red

5. Is it not okay to wax once and periodically pull out one by one with tweezers? I think Nayeon will do it because she has a makeup teacher

6. Is thinning eyebrows a trend? Most of the women I’ve seen, thin ones seem prettier

7. I don’t know about the eyebrows, but she’s really pretty

8. Everything is pretty, but the middle eyebrows look the best

9. Thick is too pretty in my eyes

10. Generally, thick eyebrows make you look younger, and thin eyebrows make you look stylish


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