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This Former Member of IZ*ONE Is Almost Always At Her Home, According To Choi Yena

The siblings Choi Yena and Sungmin were spotted eating noodles, pizza, and fried chicken together in the episode of MBC’s “DNA Mate” airing on October 4th while giggling over ex-IZ*ONE members.

There, the two mentioned Jo Yuri as a visitor to their home, much like they had done with IVE An Yujin and Minju. However, her brother jokingly suggested that Yena pay rent when she referenced a THIS IZ*ONE member.

To whom were they making reference? Find out by reading on!

This Former Member of IZ*ONE Sleeps Frequently at Choi Yena’s Home
The brother of Choi Yena is Choi Sungmin, a former idol and member of the boy band SPEED. Since Yena is a solo artist and no longer lives in a dorm with her former female group IZ*ONE, they now share a home.

The two continued their conversation about Yena’s friends while they were eating dinner. Jo Yuri visited the area two days ago, according to Yena as well. The “Glassy” singer even went to a cafe with his brother, she said.

Sungmin simply grinned and accepted the revelation. Then Yena said that Minju and Yujin had lately visited her as well.

The next IZ*ONE member is a little unique since, according to the “SMARTPHONE” vocalist, this idol even sleeps in her home!

SSERAFIM LE Sungmin’s response to Yena’s assertion that Chaewon is that idol made her chuckle. He said that because the “Fearless” singer virtually constantly sleeps in their home, she should already be contributing toward rent.Since IZ*ONE’s inception, the two members have developed a close relationship. And it appeared that they even tightened their friendship even more after the girl group split up.

Comments from fans about Yena’s visit to the former IZ*ONE house
Over 200,000 people have watched the video on the MBC Entertainment channel, and approximately 3,000 people have liked it. That demonstrates that viewers are still interested in watching IZ*ONE member-related content.

Many people expressed their envy of Sungmin because he gets to host former IZ*ONE members.

Other comments are saying that Sungmin is one lucky brother.

“I’m envious of Yena being her younger sister, but being able to hang out with Yuri, Chaewon, Minju, and Yujin, it’s a successful life anyway, I hope the two of you come out more often”

Others mention how they are happy that the IZ*ONE members are still close to each other and often hang out.

“Wow, why is it so good to hear that our youngsters still meet and play well together ㅠㅠ But Chaewon unnie, how does she play that Sungmin said she has to pay rent? haha But if you think about the roommates’ tension, it’s just so funny. It is the 3rd appearance of the Choi siblings! I’m looking forward to it~~!!”

‘She has to pay the monthly rent’ ㅋㅋ I burst into laughter, so I played it over and over again ㅋㅋ”


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