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“This Is Horribly Bad” Knetizens React To NCT 127’s Concert Costumes

Knetizens are saying that if they wore that in Korea, they’ll get scolded

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Hey, why is your hair like that?

2. Does it make sense to wear that and do a touch dance?! No, rather than that, just throw away your clothes

3. At this point, their coordi should be considered the top two with Bangtan’s previous coordi no? Didn’t Bangtan’s old coordi go with NCT?

4. These rough patches…

6. This is horribly bad
7. We need to steal their suitcases at the airport

8. No, obviously, music production was good, but why?

9. It’s not pretty, but the color is a bit distracting

10. I hope it gets caught at the airport checkpoint and thrown away


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