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“This Is Pure Talent” Knetz React To The Best LE SSERAFIM ANTIFRAGILE Cover

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Wow… Yah… This is pure talent, he’s impressive…

2. I’m jealous… Me too I want to be a good dancer

3. He’s honestly freaking good Do we need to be all jumpy like that too?

4. Wow this is talent… Wow… The talent

5. As expected talent is talent afterall… Even if you practice a lot, you need to be born with dance lines

6. Wow the way he’s so jumpy is freaking good

7. Looks like your body type and dancing ability have no correlation

8. What the…? He’s freaking good
9. Fuck… This is why you need to be born with it Even if I practiced this for 100 days to death, I can’t get those dance lines
10. For this, you need to be born with pretty dance lines