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This Is Why Ricky From ZEROBASEONE Is Compared To BTS Jin

Ricky from the group ZEROBASEONE recently drew attention on social networks after being compared to Jin from the renowned group BTS by their fans and netizens from around the globe.

After participating in the successful Boys Planet performance, the members of ZEROBASEONE are eager to launch their musical career with the release of their debut mini album on July 10th.
Jin, for his part, has been serving in the military since December of 2022 to discharge his duty as a South Korean citizen in the army. At the conclusion of all members’ service, the group will reunite and return to the music scene.
A few weeks ago, the new boy group announced that they will have a travel show titled ‘Camp ZEROBASEONE,’ and in a promotional video for the project, the boys appeared together donning camp attire, prompting the comparison.

Ricky, who donned a shirt with pink and white stripes and a straw hat, along with his blonde hair and thin body, resembled Jin from BTS.

On social networks, fans of both idols and groups expressed astonishment at the uncanny resemblance between Jin and Ricky, joking that the member of ZEROBASEONE would be identical if not for the absence of a tie.

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