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TMI News Show Best 5 K-pop Billion Charts G-Dragon Beats BTS V, Jang Wonyoung With ‘Billions’

From singer G-Dragon to group BTS member V, the extraordinary best records of stars have been revealed.

On the afternoon of the 14th, on Mnet’s ‘TMI NEWS SHOW’, the cable channel broadcasted on the afternoon of the 14th, ‘Record update! K-Pop’s first & best BEST 5′ chart was covered. On this day’s ‘Best 5 K-Pop’, the records of stars who sounded ‘billion’ were highlighted.

The first place was G-Dragon, a leader in fashion. He lives in a luxury apartment in Hannam-dong and pays over 13 million won in his annual management fee. It is explained that the rent for this apartment alone is about 6 billion won, which is the first increase in 7 months from December last year to August this year. G-Dragon sold the apartment he was living in on a charter earlier this year, and it is known that he bought about 16.4 billion won in cash.

BTS V came in second place. V, the ‘record destroyer’, has splendid records, such as the number 1 YouTube fancam view, the most handsome title in the world, and the most searched K-pop artist in the world for 5 consecutive years from 2016, based on Google. It has more than 50 million followers on personal SNS, and ranks shoulder to shoulder with Ronaldo, Kendall Jenner, Messi, and others by recording the top 6 most influential influencers in the world. The value of each SNS post of V was estimated to be about 1 billion won.

Ive Jang Won-young took third place with ‘The Most Expensive Birthday Gift for a K-Pop Idol’. To celebrate his 18th birthday last year, he recorded about 400 million won in fundraising that overseas fans started, and he receives a lot of luxury clothes, bags, and shoes on every birthday. In particular, Jang Won-young is famous for showing his fan love through his gift certificate photo.

In 4th place, ‘K-Pop Best Airport Fashion’ was occupied by BTS leader RM. RM, who appeared in a plain gray sweatshirt in September of last year and gathered a lot of attention. From luxury L’s clothes and slippers to high-end watches of 106 million won, it was surprising that the amount worn on that day alone amounted to 116 million won.

In 5th place, the group MONSTA X was named as the most famous gourmet. Monsta X boasted of an unusual eating habit of eating eggs, beef, pork feet, and sashimi on a bowl of rice for breakfast. It is explained that the monthly food cost is 20 million won to 30 million won, including a class where 50 whole ribs (100 servings) bigger than the face are finished and finished with noodles. The group NCT has appeared as a news outlet to counter the gluttony.

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