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Top 10 Albums Released 2022, Knetz React

Knetz are reacting to the lists of Top 10 albums released this year.



Considering it’s been a month since Espa came out, after a few months, it’s almost like it’s going to be in 4th place ㅋㅋ Even though BTS said that album was very expensive, it’s too much.

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Don’t stock up with the lucky box, give me the real album.

2. There are 2 types of bulletproof.

3. Wow, I really don’t like 22 kinds of fans anyway. There are far more people who don’t buy than those who buy Kino, and there are a lot more people who buy 1-3 copies and exchange them for their favorites than those who buy all 13 of each member in the Carat version. The same goes for the Weverse version Of course, it would be nice if everyone released this album in 3 different ways anyway during the fansign unpublished! But it’s not like I bought all 22 of them. If I had to do anything, 22 kinds would be released after the first week.

4. The number of species also has an effect on sales, but it is not more than 4 types, but because of the number of members, it is better to count the sales by sales if the number starts to exceed ten, isn’t it? Keno or something like that is cheap.

5. Espa is a hit.. I’m a female idol and still a rookie alone ㅎ I was like that, and I’m the 4th generation female idol, Pankaheung is science

6. Seventeen will release 44 kinds next year

7. The reason there are so many albums is that they worked so hard to film the confo.

8. I’m a fan of other fans, but SEVENTEEN wasn’t always second in total album sales, whether it was 22 or something..? I think I sold it after BTS last year too, but I wonder what Jongsu means..

9. Oh, but please make a digipack for BTS too. Let’s get an album with Kim Taehyung’s face on it. Why doesn’t BTS have a Keno?

10. BTS Seventeen Espa Lim Young-woong is not only on high soundboards, but because they are kids who play at the top of music charts.


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