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Top 10 Most Followed Korean Female Celebrities On Instagram, Knetz React

Knetizens are complaining about the lists of top 10 most followed Korean female celebrities on Instagram and BLACKPINK Lisa is not included….

1 BLACKPINK’s Jennie (70.8 M followers)
2 BLACKPINK’s Jisoo (65 M followers)
3 BLACKPINK’s Rosé (63.7 M followers)
4 BLACKPINK(50 M followers)
5 IU (28 M followers)
6 TWICE (26.8 M followers)
7 Jung Ho Yeon (22.7 M followers)
8 SNSD’s Taeyeon (18.8 M followers)
9 HyunA (18.2 M followers)
10 ITZY (18.10 M followers)

Knetizens Reactions:

1. But if Lisa is eliminated, why are BLACKPINK and TWICE included in the ranking? It’s ridiculous

2. BLACKPINK is there, why not Lisa?

3. When it comes to female celebrities who are active in Korea, Lisa is the #1

4. Why did you remove Lisa and add BLACKPINK? This is ridiculous

5. No, but how many followers does Lisa have?? I’m curious

6. Lisa has 82 million followers, so she has more followers than Jennie

7. If Lisa was eliminated because of her nationality, why did you put Rosé and BLACKPINK in the ranking? The writer is discriminating

8. But who is Jung Ho Yeon? I’ve heard about other celebrities, but I don’t know her

9. I like them all, but I don’t follow any celebrities

10. Lisa is a foreigner, so she’s not the #1?

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