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Top 10 Prettiest 4th Generation Female Idols Knetizens Argue

Knetizens are arguing which 4th generation female idols have best look, see knetz reaction below

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Nmix Genie Oh, I wasn’t a very eye-catching member at the time, but she got prettier because of her black hair. All Nmix members are pretty, but among them, Genie isn’t pretty, she’s cute. If it’s fresh, Ginny is booty and she’s so pretty in her style.

2. Yuna

3. Sullyoon

4. Oh… Jang Won-young is prettier than Yuna, honestly I don’t know.

5. No Jenny?

6. Karina 9th place lol

7. I like Minji and Seolyoon the most haha I love the facial bones

8. Isn’t Jang Won-young prettier than Yuna? It’s like Yuna at the beginning of her debut, but now it’s worse than her early debut.

9. Conscientiously, New Jeans should be at least 1-3.. We took the 4th generation visual top;

10 Minji


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