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Troye Sivan Received Grave Threats After Admitting He Has A Crush On Hyunjin Of Stray Kids

A few weeks ago, Troye Sivan and Hyunjin of Stray Kids were spotted interacting for the first time at Dua Lipa’s “La Vacanza” 2023 fashion show with Versace. Apparently, the two artists became close friends and even exchanged a number of photographs on social media.

When Troye Sivan posted a video of Hwang Hyunjin on his personal TikTok account with the caption “anyone know how to reach this man,” everything changed. While some fans loved that Troye had a crush on the Stray Kids member, others were extremely offended.
From that point on, the “Angel Baby” performer began to receive a variety of responses; some suggested he subscribe to JYP ENTERTAINMENT’s “Bubble” platform in order to communicate with Hyunjin, while others left Sivan extremely negative feedback.
Apparent regret ensued, as the South African later posted a TikTok with the following message: “That’s the last time I publicly crush on a K-pop star; I almost got murdered,” along with the hashtag “Put. That. Down.”

Naturally, Troye’s reaction was to be anticipated, as he had to address the situation due to the harassment he was receiving from a small segment of the Stray Kids fandom STAY.

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