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TVXQ Changmin Became A Father In The Eyes Of The Law… “A Healthy Baby Boy Was Born. He Is Quite Appreciative Of That.

TVXQ Max Changmin, 35, gave birth to a child two years after getting married.
On the afternoon of October 17, Changmin’s wife allegedly gave birth to a child at a hospital in Seoul. So the mother and the child are both in good health.

According to a friend of the couple, Max Changmin “stayed by his wife’s side throughout her pregnancy and childbirth,” adding “He also showed his thanks for his son’s healthy birth.”

In the meantime, Max Changmin unexpectedly revealed in 2020 that he was getting married to a regular person. “I will become TVXQ Changmin who can do his best as the head of a family,” he declared at the time.

Max Changmin has kept up with a variety of musical endeavors even after getting married. He just become a frequent participant in the liberal arts program “My: Humanities that Open Work” at EBS.

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