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TXT’s Taehyun Calls Out Sasaeng Who Secretly Filming Him On Flight, Knetz React

Knetizens reacting to what Taehyun says about what Sasaeng is doing to him inside the aeroplane

Knetizens Reactions:

1. On variety programs and other events, he came out as being very eloquent and straightforward. Fans of Sasaeng are not fans.

2. I find him to be pretty cool. also seems to have a really sound mentality.

3. The best is Kang Taehyun. He remains within the lines while saying what needs to be said. An awesome idol!

4. No fan is a sasaeng fan. Act like a fan if you are one.

5. I appreciate hearing what our Taehyun has to say.

6. Not after KCON, but rather on the flight home from Japan’s Summer Sonic!

7. They are only termed sasaengs because celebrities are their targets, but in reality, these people are just stalkers.

8. Taehyun still has it for us.

9. It’s pleasant to be able to express oneself.

10. He has always spoken when it was necessary. Thank you, good boy.


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