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“Unbelievable” BTS Jimin Flied In The Air With A Flying Yoga Rope, Knetz Shocked

J-Hope uploaded a video to celebrate his birthday. They probably filmed this during the flying yoga class when joking around

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Fucking impressive

2. It’s even more fascinating how he went up lightly like that…

3. No but he went up way too easily? Unbelievable!

4. Is that possible??

5. The strength in his arms must be so good

6. Seriously, the strength of his core is daebak. Park Jimin, what can you not do?

7. Seriously, seems like he’s good at everything involving his body…for real.

8. His core is crazy… if you look at the video, he went up so lightly so you will like his feet will touch the ground at any moment you… what can you not do…

9. Mom… he even did it just as a joke

10. Looking at this was so shocking that it woke up from my sleep this early morning


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