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Unknown Man Snatched The Microphone From Huk Gak During The Festival, Who Could That Be? Knetz Curious

Knetizens are reacting and want to know who snatched the microphone from singer Huk Gak….


Today at my university’s festival, because of the noise polution, an ajussi trespassed the stage and snatched Huh Gak’s microphone away. But Huh Gak nim’s expression was too cute

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Wow is there nobody trying to prevent these things on stage? He must’ve been so freaking shocked

2. Is he insane?
3. Even if he thinks that they were being too loud, what is he trying to accomplish here? Huh Gak nim must’ve been so shocked…
4. No but before trespassing, is nobody there to prevent these stuff? It could’ve been even more dangerous… It took me aback
5. Hul if they messed up, he could’ve easily gotten stage fright after this no?
6. Why did nobody do anything when he came so close to the singer?

7. Do they not have any bodyguards..? If they had bodyguard, then why didn’t they do anything when he trespassed the stage? It’s a relief he only snatched the mic away, What would they have done if he had a weapon on him?

8. Wat are they doing with their protection team?? They’re just letting someone who’s not even part of the audience on stage like that?
9. Ah he must’ve been crazy shocked with the way he folded in his hands to his chest Aigo

10. What in the world, he must’ve been so shocked. What is happening..

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