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“V and Jennie Are Wearing Couple Hats Again” Knetz React To Kim Taehyung’s New Outfit In Public

In new photos showing BTS V and popular actor Park Bo-gum on a friendship date Knetizens are saying that the hat he wore is the same Blackpink Jennie has worn before.


In the previously posted photo of V Park Bo-gum’s exhibition

A baseball cap worn by V and a leaked Jenny & Rosé New York tourist photo

Jenny’s baseball cap

The mesh material + the shape of the hole in the back of the hat is full

Jennie was at vma + V appeared on Instagram again wearing the same Chanel Coco Crush ear cuffs

At this point, I’m curious as to why V and Jenny continue to deceive their fans while not admitting or denying their relationship while continuing to deceive the fans

Knetizens Reactions:

1. It seems that Jennie also played golf with V in New York hahahaha

2. Vjennie is wearing the same New York Liberty National Golf Club hat as if she went on a golf date in New York.

3. Isn’t this a V hat? Is the head circumference too big for Jennie? Bump on the side of the head

4. As long as you don’t post such trashy V Jennie on the board, the fans won’t be upset at all.

5. Doing this shit with just one hat is real… Did they even make a tee? Isn’t that picture leaked?

6. It’s a composite photo.

7. I’m sure it’s a New York date.

8. It’s more disgusting for the fans of both sides to have gals like you drag all the stars on the board and spit out the fans. Can’t you just leave it alone

9. How do you know if Jenny went to the golf course or not?

10. According to the fans, V and Jenny, who happened to be playing right across the street from the big New York State where they could never meet because the land is bigger than Korea hahahahahahahahahaha


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