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(Villians) Xdinary Heroes Official Fandom Name, Knetz React

Xdinary Heroes official fandom name has been announced, Villains. Knetizens are reacting to it.


Just as a hero does not exist without a villain, an essential existence for Xdinary Heroes Villains (villains) 🖤
We are promoting Xdiz while it is hot.. (Can I laugh?)


B-side song with good response among other fans

The Impossible Cover, chosen as a legend among fans

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Since there is something, I think the group name and the fandom name are all bad. The kids are all good.

2. I thought it was cute, but seeing the other nominees, it’s meaningful enough and the tone is pretty, so I really want to be a villain haha The side kick is also good.

3. I’ve seen fans often call each other villains

4. Did you name the fandom the real villain? No, I have often seen fandom names that have a childish feel, but it is better to be childish and have a good meaning. What is a villain to a fan?

5. Why is the fan a villain ㅠ It’s more sad than bad

6. Aren’t villain heroes usually standing in opposition

7. You’re a villain to the fandom

8. The fandom’s name is Villains ㅠㅠ That’s too much

9. Aren’t heroes and villains a bit guild-pleasant… Wouldn’t it be better to sidekick with a hero?

10. Looking at the candidates, the villain seems to be the worst


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