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Visual Representative Member Of Each Group Of 4th Generation Female Idols

Pretty Idols, It’s really tough. Knetizens are discussing about the pictures of representative member of each group of 4th generation female idols. They are all beautiful representatives.

It’s Yuna

Stay C yoon

Aespa Karina

Billy Tsuki

Ive Jang Won-young

Kepler Shaoting

Nmix Seolyun

Classy Jimin Won


All of New Jeans’ Minji are pretty, but they seem to be the members that are talked about a lot.

Knetizens Reactions:

1. You ‘re pretty, Karina is like a different world. The feeling is completely different . Anyway, she’s attractive .

2. Kazuha is so pretty, that difficult atmosphere beauty

3. kpop is beautiful The future is bright.

4. Oh Stay, Stay, Yoon is the representative visual member.

5. Karina is so perfect with the espa concept

6. Minji Kazuha Every time the two of you see each other, your eyes feel comfortable and beautiful.

7. They’re all pretty, but I wish I could see some photos of them with stage makeup and light makeup instead of lenses, or just hair and makeup done by actors and without retouching. When they saw the press photo at the premiere, the actors were shocked and naked, but there was also a really pretty Yeon Yan who survived there.

8. Minji? It’s early but the dog is pretty

9. Minji-ya……. I don’t know your last name, but I love you, you’re so pretty

10. Karina… the best face…


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