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Wendy Of Red Velvets Surprises Her Followers On “Bubble” By Saying, “Don’t Buy My Records,” And It Warms Their Hearts

Wendy from Red Velvets warmed her followers’ hearts with an unexpected message on “Bubble.”

Screenshots showing Wendy, a member of Red Velvet, communicating with her fans recently on the international fan-artist communication site have been circulating via various online groups and attracting a lot of interest. One fan wrote to Wendy on the global fan-artist communication forum, “I’ll make a lot of money and go to your concert and buy your records.”

“I’m not sure about the show, but please don’t buy numerous copies of our CD,” Wendy retorted. She went on, “One copy, as well as your heartfelt support and attentive listening to our music, are sufficient. If you live alone, I ask that you kindly use that money to purchase at least one more meal for yourself and spend the rest to take care of your health or enjoy a delicious supper with your family.” Many people were moved by Wendy’s statement because it expressed her unwavering affection for her fans.

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