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Were There Any Girl Group Members Who Had The Same Star Quality And Ripple Power As Jang Won-young In Their Teens? Knetz Debate

Knetizens are talking if there were any girl group members who had the Star quality and ripple power as IVE Jang Won-young In their teen, they are debating

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Sohee is a real expert in this field

2. All the kids who debuted in their teens and took the top picture are like that, as if there were always 2-3 people per generation

3. I thought Sohee was crazy

4. Hyuna, Suzy, Sohee, IU, Krystal, Sulli, Kang Jiyoung, etc… There are so many, I can’t even write them all

5. Idols themselves have been minored, so the ripple effect itself goes back to the old days, and compared to the absolute number, idols that come out these days are called

6. The ripple effect is ..Really, the old days were very sweet

7. That’s right, Sohee, it’s not that she was the nation’s little sister for nothing

8. Sohee isn’t the type to talk a lot, but there was something that made everyone concentrate

9. At that time, were there many advertisements that a teenager could do..? Wasn’t personal advertising difficult? Do you do it as a group? The standard can’t be the same as now

10. Suzy and Jiyeon even acted as an actress, so if you count only the hit
idols, Sohee was


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