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“What About Aespa?” SM Entertainment Announces Plans To Debut Four New K-pop Acts In 2023, Knetz Discuss

SM 3.0: Producing Strategy – Multi-‘Production Center/Label’ System was unveiled on February 3 by SM Entertainment co-CEOs Tak Young Joon and Lee Sung Soo via the company’s official Youtube channel.
In the video, it was revealed that two new boy bands, a girl group, and a virtual artist would all be debuting under the SM Entertainment banner. NCT Tokyo (tentative name) is anticipated to be one of the boy groups, and aespa’s NAEVIS will perform virtually.

In addition to their new initiatives, they will implement new techniques to enhance artist management for more music releases and create internal labels to support their artists’ development as musicians and expand their career prospects.

Knetizens Reactions:

1. I’m looking forward to Naevis the most, am I weird?

2. Who planned Aespa? Will they neglect Aespa?

3. Rookie girl group???? What about Aespa?

4. Isn’t it too much for Aespa?

5. If they keep doing this, I think Aespa will fall and NCT will fall too

6. Please take good care of Aespa..

7. Aespa also just debuted, but they said that they will create a new girl group?

8. I’m curious about rookie male idols

9. Hul, will they debut another boy group besides NCT?

10. Aespa still seems like a rookie group to me, but I can’t believe it’s their 4th year


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