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“What Is The Cause?” Knetizens Discuss The Rift Between BLACKPINK Lisa And Rose

Knetizens Reactions:

1. They came again, manipulated the baffles and bounced off

2. Disagreement.. It’s really old emotion

3. Please, this is a post about Rosé! Lisa is a disgrace! Don’t talk like this, fans!! This is just a post to kill both of them at the same time!!

4. In the last pic, it looks like Rosé is being beaten?

5. I feel sorry for Rosé, I understand what that feeling is

6. Rosé fans are misleading

7. This is my first time seeing something like this between them

8. What are the causes? I don’t know why

9. Do you really think they fought? But Rosé posted a lot of pictures of the members on Instagram

10. Rosé didn’t renew her contract?


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