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What Is Wrong With Jaehyun’s Solo Teaser SM? (Knetz)

Knetizens are discussing what went wrong with Jaehyun’s solo teaser, they are liking it.

At this point, he is merely using his face and aura for advertising.
The tune is something I’m anticipating. Please give the digital release of Forever Only a lot of attention since it will be released on August 18th at 6PM. Jaehyun’s Try Again was also very good, and many celebrities have recommended it.

Knetizens Reactions:

1. I’m impressed that Jaehyung wanted to sing even while he was sick.. In the meantime, I think Jaehyun wanted to sing too. He made the vocalist rap every day and he wanted to be really upset, but in I sing ㅠㅠ I thought he would recognize the fans’ feelings, regardless of grades.

2. Jaehyun’s hair color suits him well

3. Jaehyun is handsome. Jo Ah-yong

4. SM Art Director has changed Why does it feel so small and small from the concept?

5. Jaehyun’s face looks good to me, but I’m going to get tired of it

6. The teaser comes out at 6pm today, so please pay a lot of attention!

7. It’s amazing that a solo is coming out of NCT

8. He looks like Cha Eun-woo

9. Jaehyun looks the most handsome in NCT

10. I want to marry jung jaehyun


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