When You Think Of Female Idols, Which Agency Comes To Mind? Knetz Response

K-Netizens Reactions:

1. Jeff these days

2. Feeling like a Jewb nickname

3. Nothing in particular. Nothing impressive.

4. Hive seems to be strong lately. It’s really recent, so I don’t think it’s famous yet.

5. Jyp

6. Wasn’t that Jeff’s nickname in the first place?

7. It seems to me that the name of an idol is just a name of an idol, and the name of a female idol is used more for Je-Wop.

8. Boom is like an idol name

9. At first, I was going to use only Jewop
, but the female idols I like are concentrated in small and medium-sized groups, so I can’t take it out.. Sociepec Level Espa

10. Zewapi


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