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‘Who Cares?’ BLACKPINK Jisoo Made Choreography Mistakes Again, Knetz React

Jisoo made choreography mistakes again

Did she intentionally make choreography mistakes?

Knetizens Reactions:

1. It’s crazy that you guys are criticizing BLACKPINK for their skills

2. She just can’t use her body

3. But I guess she doesn’t even need to dance. She sings well and is pretty, so I think just singing on stage is fine

4. What is TWICE’s music chart?

5. No, but isn’t it Pink Venom?? Not a few years ago but a few months ago, how could she forget the choreography? Did she not practice at all?

6. Who cares, BLACKPINK’s concert was the funniest

7. No, but I didn’t know this until now, but look at this, the members except Lisa are on the same level

8. It’s really not just one or two songs at the concert, it’s at least ten songs

9. Jisoo is originally a wrong kid.

10. I don’t think the choreography is the problem…


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