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Who is the best celebrity who made the most of short-haired pompu lately?

K -Netizens discuss about female Korean celebrities they would want to do their hair based on the hair styles that fits their beauty.


Kim Tae-ri

Park Eun -bin


Shin Se

Kim Chae

Ji-so Ji-so

Song Hye-kyo

K- Netizens Reactions :

1. Recently, I saw Kim Chae-won’s short haircut and thought it suited her really well.

2. To be honest, I think Seol In-ah is an idiot haha Long hair is prettier than short hair, and tying up long hair is a good thing…

3. Kim Tae-ri is almost 4 years ago, but Wendy’s short hair is older? I’m not a fan so I don’t know… But I’m Wendy

4. Shin Se-kyung and Jung Ji-so came down saying she’s pretty, but at the end, Song Hye-kyo is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute.

5. I got my hair cut every month because of Park Gyu-young, but my bangs fell off a lot, so Kim Chae-won’s hair is right now hahaha

6. Taeyeon is that stocking, isn’t it very famous where it came from?

7. Kim Chae-won!! And it’s not in the text, but Dayoung Woo ㅜㅜ It suits me so well, I’m proud of it too

8. I got a single shot after a long time seeing Seol In-ah fighting a guy.

9. Tae-ri Kim Tae-ri Kim Tae-ri!!!!!! There is a lot of thickness

10. It’s Taeri, but I knew it wasn’t going to happen so I put up with it right away… hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha


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