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Who Is The First Artist You Think Of When You Consider The Biggest SM Artists? Knetz Discuss

Knetizens are saying who come to their mind first when thinking about SM artists… View Knetizens minds below

1. H.O.T

2. S.E.S

3. Fly to the sky

4. Myth

5. Black beat


7. BoA

8. Cheon Sang Ji-hee


10. Aespa

11. Super Junior

12. SHINee

13. Girl’s Generation

14. Red Velvet

15. EXO

16. FX

17. NCT

Knetizens Reactions:

1. BoA

2. BoA

3. SHINee

4. Red Velvet

5. Girl’s Generation

6. BoA

7. NCT

8. Girl’s Generation

9. BoA

10. SHINee


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