Knetz Argue: Aespa’s Karina Vs New Jeans Haerin, Who is Prettier?



I’m not trying to be discriminatory, I’m curious about who looks prettier in the public eye, so I put it up . Recommended if Espa Karina is pretty . If she’s pretty,
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K-Netizens Reactions:

1. I posted a post earlier, but didn’t get the response I wanted, so I deleted it and posted it again, Karina Jeong Byeong-Im

2. Both are pretty, but Haerin seems to have a face that can be both an actor and an idol model.

3. What the two have in common: When they debuted, they were shocked by their visuals. Both are pretty.

4. Compared to Karina, Haerin is a really great rookie

5. One vote for Haerin, she’s so pretty

6. Both are pretty, and if you’re going to bring them, bring them with a photo of the front of the article

7. It’s true that all New Jeans are pretty, but to be honest, Karina is prettier personally..

8. What is the number of recommendations.. I dare to recommend an article to be buried and even post a comment. Seriously, Karina fans, why are you doing this..?

9. No, Karina is the 4th generation visual top level..

10. Since it’s a law to cut off profits from the Taldeok camp, let’s turn on the laptop and report it only once.


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