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Who Is The Top Male Idol Soloist? Knetizens Debate

Knetizens are debating who is the best male idol soloist among the male soloist and Lim Young-woong and BIGBANG G-Dragon seems to be the lead among all

Knetizens Reactions:

1. In terms of musicality, talent, star, etc., there is no male idol like G.D

2. Lim Young-woong

3. Of course, Im Young-woong is unique right now

4. As a solo artist, upload a song once a year and mix it with GD. Every time GD comes out, he ranks number 1 on the annual chart.

5. First of all, I think the two-top is GD and Taemin.

6. Cho Yong-pil, Seo Taiji, GD

7. It is true that Im Aeng-woong sells tickets better than GD.

8. GD is not the one-top because of the lack of female popularity, but the one-top is Baekhyun Xiah Junsu. Baekhyun Xiah Junsu In his prime, there were no girls who didn’t like him.

9. GD’s trot is Im Young-woong ㅋㅋ But GD >> Taeyang >> Zico

10. Namsol is on the same level as GD by any means.


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